How to Write a Saratoga Home Listing That Will Entice Buyers

How to Write a Saratoga Home Listing That Will Entice Buyers

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You have decided to sell your Saratoga house and the time has finally come to write your Saratoga home listing. When there are so many details that you want to include to let people know how wonderful your home is how do you know what to cut out? The Saratoga home listing description and photos will be the first look at your house that a buyer gets.

Following these three tips will help your Saratoga home listing to stand out among the competition.

Take the Newspapers Example

Have you ever noticed that in a newspaper the headline tells you the point of the story in a way that will grab your attention? The beginning of the article tells a few main points to keep your interest. The less important information is towards the end so if people don’t read all the way to the end they still have the information they need. Your listing should read the same way. Choose what the biggest selling feature of your Saratoga home is and put that first in your home listing. Grab the buyers’ attention from the start to entice them to read all the way through to the end.

Keep it Short

When a Saratoga buyer is searching for a home they are coming across dozens of home listings on a daily basis. They do not want to read through a long description of your home. They want to see great photos that show what the house looks like and learn the important details about your house easily.

Give them enough information to let them know if the house could be a good fit for them and leave them wanting more. This will cause them to schedule a showing so they can see if your house is the one for them. Professionals recommend keeping your listing description under 250 words.

Use Lists

The more consumers read online the more they are naturally scanning text for bulleted and numbered lists to read. Their eyes are drawn to these lists. Include the important details of your house in this format. The main facts that buyers want to know are square footage, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, lot size and school district. If you make this information easy to find you will not risk losing as many potential buyers that do not want to sort through long paragraphs of information to find what they are looking for.

Remember that you are not relying on your Saratoga home listing to sell your house. Your listing is simply a way to pique the interest of potential buyers by showing them that your house could be the one that fits their needs. Your home listing is a tool that is used to get the buyer to schedule a showing.

So, along with creating a great listing of your Saratoga house’s details you also want to make sure that the photos on your listing are clear and show your house in the best light. Once you have an interested buyer, make sure you house is show ready before they arrive at your door.

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