Don’t Forget To Do This Before You Sell Your Albany House

Don’t Forget To Do This Before You Sell Your Albany House

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When getting ready to sell your Albany house most homeowners know about the normal tasks that they need to complete. Items like declutter, wash the windows, put a fresh coat of paint on the walls top the lists of many people getting ready to sell. Tasks like these are important, but many people overlook something that could be crucial in their Albany home selling process: verifying the information the local government has on your house.

Before you sell your Albany house make sure you take the time to ensure that everything is in order.

Your Local Building Department

Your local Albany building department or township has files to show the details of your house. You want to make sure that the records that they have match the actual description of your house. If you have added an addition you want to make sure that they have the facts updated in their records.

It is the job of the building department to make sure that any of the work that is completed within their area is completed up to code. The process requires homeowners to obtain a permit to complete projects and upgrades to their home. At different set stages throughout the process the homeowner is required to call out the inspector to verify the work is being completed to code for the safety of the homeowners or future owners of the house.

How It Affects You as the Seller

When a potential buyer is interested in purchasing your Albany home they are going to begin to do their research. If they find out in the records from the building department that there are open permits or that work has been completed without a permit it will raise concern. If buyers think that work was not completed up to code they may not want to take on the risk of buying the house.

As a seller if you take the time to see what the record shows at the Building Department you can catch any errors before a potential buyer notices it. There are times when contractors don’t properly close out a permit when the work is completed. If you take the time to investigate your records before you sell your Albany house you can address any issues before the buyer does.

The Importance of the Assessor’s Records

The records at the assessor’s office are what your local government uses to calculate your property taxes. Many Albany homeowners try to get away without pulling the necessary permits when making changes so they don’t have to face an increase in property taxes.

When the market values increase in your area the assessed value of your home increases, thus increasing your property taxes. However, when the market values drop you rarely see a decrease in your taxes. If this is the situation you have been in it’s important for you to take proof of recent sales to your local office to try to have your assessed value lowered.

Before you list your Albany house for sale take the necessary steps to complete these updates. Lowering your taxes if possible and making sure that all permitted work shows completed accurately will help your sales process go more smoothly. Eliminating any potential concerns for the buyer will help them feel more comfortable in moving forward with the buying process.

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