Don’t Forget These 4 Things When Selling Your Schenectady House

Don’t Forget These 4 Things When Selling Your Schenectady House

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There are lots of things to consider when you are interested in selling your Schenectady house. It can be tempting during a seller’s market to think that you can simply list your house and have the offers start rolling in. But that is not the case.

Most Schenectady homeowners understand the idea of doing repairs and small updates before listing their house, but don’t stop there. These 4 considerations are steps you do not want to miss when selling your Schenectady house.

  1. Consider a Real Estate Investor

Most homeowners do not have a real time-sensitive circumstance when selling your Schenectady house. Most can afford to list it and entertain offers that come in. However, some homeowners need to sell their homes now. If this is your case, consider working with a local experienced real estate investor. In most cases, a real estate investor is able to make you a cash offer after reviewing your house. Because Schenectady real estate investors work with cash, they can be more flexible and by-pass a lot of the time and paperwork spent with banks. If you need to sell your home asap, give our team a call today.

  1. Price it Right

Putting the right listing price on your house is key to finding a buyer. Look at the comps in the Schenectady area to see what other houses around your neighborhood have been selling for. You cannot set a price based off of your emotional connection to the house or how much you owe on the mortgage and necessarily expect it to bring in a buyer; the market dictates what houses are selling for.

Pricing just below the market value can pique buyers’ interest in the house and possibly lead to a bidding war resulting in the house selling for over asking price. However, this isn’t always the case. The more time your house sits on the market at the wrong price, the longer you will wait to find a buyer. Don’t lose precious time by pricing it wrong.

  1. Be Show Ready

When you are selling your Schenectady house you need to keep it “show ready” at all times. Be ready at a spur of the moment to have to leave your house if someone is interested in seeing it with their real estate agent. You want your house to look it’s best for every showing and open house.

It is also important to keep your landscaping and exterior looking its best at all times. You never know when a potential buyer might just drive by your house to see the exterior in person and check out the neighborhood before scheduling a showing.

  1. Compare Your Offers

If you are lucky enough to receive multiple offers on your house don’t automatically jump at the one with the highest price. While every seller wants to walk away with the most amount of cash in their pocket, it is important to look at the contingencies with each offer. Sometimes a cash offer is the better deal because you do not need to wait for financing to come through.

If you are selling your Schenectady house try these strategies to bring the offers in. The more work you are willing to do to help get your house sold, the better chance you have of brining buyers in the front door. The work you put in will be well worth it when you leave the table after your closing.

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