Should You Buy Your New Saratoga House Before Selling Your Old One?

Posted by David VanDerwerker // October 9, 2017

In the perfect world every homeowner looking to sell their house and purchase a new Saratoga house would have perfectly timed real estate transactions. They would be able to find their perfect dream house to move into at the exact same time that they were selling and moving out of their old house. However, this […]

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Interested in Becoming a Schenectady Landlord? 4 Things to Look For

Posted by David VanDerwerker // September 25, 2017

Have you been thinking about how nice it would be to be a Schenectady landlord and start receiving those rent checks in the mail each month? If you are interested in entering the world of Schenectady real estate investment it is important to educate yourself before jumping in. Choosing the right property can be the […]

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Key Strategies for Making Smart Albany Real Estate Investments

Posted by David VanDerwerker // September 11, 2017

Albany real estate investments come with both risks and rewards. If you are entering the world of Albany real estate investments for the first time you will want to do everything you can to minimize your risks and maximize your rewards. Following these key strategies will help you choose an Albany property that will make […]

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How to Write a Saratoga Home Listing That Will Entice Buyers

Posted by David VanDerwerker // August 28, 2017

You have decided to sell your Saratoga house and the time has finally come to write your Saratoga home listing. When there are so many details that you want to include to let people know how wonderful your home is how do you know what to cut out? The Saratoga home listing description and photos […]

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9 Features that Can Increase Your Albany Home Value

Posted by David VanDerwerker // August 14, 2017

If you are familiar with the popular home remodel shows on television there is a good chance that you have heard that kitchens and bathrooms sell houses. It is commonly advised that if you are doing remodeling or upgrading prior to listing your house you should focus on these areas for maximum Albany home value. […]

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Don’t Forget These 4 Things When Selling Your Schenectady House

Posted by David VanDerwerker // July 31, 2017

There are lots of things to consider when you are interested in selling your Schenectady house. It can be tempting during a seller’s market to think that you can simply list your house and have the offers start rolling in. But that is not the case. Most Schenectady homeowners understand the idea of doing repairs […]

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How Your Loan-to-Value Ratio Effects Your Mortgage

Posted by David VanDerwerker // July 17, 2017

When you are deciding to purchase a house and need to be approved for a mortgage one of the factors that your lender will consider is your loan-to-value (LTV) ratio. If you are unfamiliar with the term, your LTV ratio is calculated by dividing the amount of your mortgage by the total value of your […]

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5 Ways to Calculate Saratoga Real Estate Investment Returns

Posted by David VanDerwerker // July 3, 2017

Real estate investments differ from many other investments in the fact that there are multiple ways to calculate possible Saratoga real estate investment returns. If you are interested in making an investment into real estate it is important that you are familiar with the options and how they work. There are many recommendations out there […]

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Don’t Forget To Do This Before You Sell Your Albany House

Posted by David VanDerwerker // June 19, 2017

When getting ready to sell your Albany house most homeowners know about the normal tasks that they need to complete. Items like declutter, wash the windows, put a fresh coat of paint on the walls top the lists of many people getting ready to sell. Tasks like these are important, but many people overlook something […]

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The Hidden Costs of Schenectady Homeownership

Posted by David VanDerwerker // June 5, 2017

The majority of first time Schenectady homebuyers understand the need for a mortgage and many are even familiar with the concept of needing to make a down payment. However, there are many other Schenectady homeownership costs that come up throughout the buying process and after closing that catch new homeowners off guard. To have the […]

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